Doing good together

What do David’s Table, Young Life Capernaum, and E210, Rocky Creek Baptist Church and Pizza Inn have in common? They are all filled with folks who care. How do I know? I was there – at Pizza Inn on Woodruff on May 31- when the restaurant hosted a fundraiser for Rocky Creek Baptist. The workers were young people from David’s Table, YL Capernaum, and E210, all organizations that share Christ’s love with teens and young adults with disabilities. This eager team spent four hours serving, cleaning tables, greeting guests, and passing on the love that Rocky Creek Baptist has extended to them.

Four hours later, the teens and young adults had sore arms, aching backs, a few pizza stains, and huge smiles. With the help of generous diners at Pizza Inn, these young folks had raised $870 for Rocky Creek.

Helping felt good. Being welcomed just as you are felt good, and the folks from David’s Table, Young Life Capernaum, E210, Pizza Inn and Rocky Creek Baptist all know first-hand- we do more good together.

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