Help David's Table help.

If you are looking at David's Table's, you may have experience with what makes people with all sorts of abilities and disabilites feel welcome - especially in a community of faith. Would you be willing to share what you've learned? Would you be willing to share what works?

How have you met the challenges of letting people with disabilites know they are welcome?

How have you handled transportation?

How do you assure access to activities, including Sunday School and the sanctuary?

How do you assure access to restrooms?

How do you arrange space for wheel chairs during activities and church services?

How do you accomodate members with hearing or vision impairments?

How do you handle mental illness and its challenges?

And, perhaps most importantly, how do members of your congregation with different sorts of challenges serve the community?

Please, email me at or call me at (864) 915-2479 with your ideas.

Share your insights, your wisdom and your challenges.

Greenville, SC

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