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Universal mature ministry criteria

Posted: 31 Oct 2017 04:20 PM PDT

I was in a meeting the other day where the topic of ministry maturity came up. One comment was made that each church is so different there could not be criteria across all churches. I was just listening into the meeting so didn't comment, but nothing could be further from the truth. Just to prove that point, here are a list of some criteria I came up with, just off the top of my head, that would be applicable to any church, that they could use to measure their own ministry's growth toward maturity. These could also apply to one's church generally.

Maturity criteria

  1. Friendships developed with persons with disabilities

  2. Persons with disabilities present in all church social activities

  3. Persons with disabilities present in the regular worship service

  4. Persons with disabilities present in men’s groups, women’s groups, senior’s groups, etc.

  5. Pastor addressed issues related to disability from the pulpit

  6. Persons with disabilities integrated into regular Sunday School classes – children and adult

  7. Persons with disabilities sought out and invited to church – children and adults

  8. Church membership offered to persons with disabilities

  9. Integrated ministry which includes persons with disabilities

  10. Persons with disabilities provided opportunities for service (greeters, children’s ministry, security, etc.)

  11. Persons with disabilities are in leadership

  12. Homes where persons with disabilities live are visited

  13. Church network supports persons with disabilities with employment opportunities

  14. Church network supports persons with disabilities with living opportunities

  15. Persons with disabilities invited to recreational opportunities (ball games, concerts, etc.)

  16. Church culture changes such that persons with disabilities experience integration

  17. Church reflects on traditions to determine whether they are discriminatory towards persons with disabilities

  18. Helps ministries developed for persons with disabilities living in poverty

  19. Parents of persons with disabilities are offered respite on a personal level

  20. Persons with disabilities are invited to family activities like Thanksgiving dinner or children’s Halloween activities as adult observer

  21. How a persons with disabilities is doing in her personal life (friendships, finances, other needs) is known and addressed.

These are only a start, but EVERY church could be engaged in growing in these areas.


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