The Table

k here is the story behind the table. Several years ago we thought that David’s Table might award a “table” to a church working to include our friends with disabilities into the worship, service, and community of their church. The first idea was to buy an older table and fix it up a little bit. Maybe one that was not level and had some scratches and dents loved into it. I have met for 25+ years with three other old guys. Friendship, fellowship, accountability, and Jesus were the main ingredient of our relationship. Oh, and Young Life. I shared the idea with them. The table is the result of conversations, time, material, and work. Ben had the workshop and the wood. He along with Bill had the expertise and Bobby was the greatest cheerleader. I watched in amazement. The picture was taken in Ben’s workshop. A little more work was to be done. And a lot of rubbing and sealing was to be done. It is presented annually in the spring to a church that has worked hard to include folks with disabilities and their families b The first year it went to Rocky Creek Baptist Church Last spring it went to Greenville Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church. The table stays with the church for a year. Both of the first two churches have different stories. The thing in common is a willingness to reach out to people with disabilities and their families. You really want to hear the story of each church. But that will be for later.

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