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Camp David
 SEPTEMBER 8-10, 2023 

What is Camp David?

Camp David is a one-of-a-kind weekend retreat designed to love adults with disabilities AND their families. We start the fun late Friday afternoon and love every minute until lunchtime on Sunday. We enjoy lots of worship, learning more about Jesus, and FUN. We have all our delicious meals
together. We have nighttime activities and an awesome afternoon of free time!

Families with an adult affected by disability are often isolated and unable to engage others in the difficulties they deal with on a daily basis. At camp, there will be many such families, volunteers, and leaders who are uniquely equipped to come alongside each other, lending strength and navigating
life’s difficulties together.


For our families (and volunteers) this weekend is the best of the year! The accommodations of Carolina Point and the community of David’s Table create a safe haven where everyone can breathe deep, laugh big, and belong!

Camp David Family Camp is held the second weekend of September each year.

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YOU can support Camp David!

Donate and designate your gift for Camp David.

Interested in volunteering?

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